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The objective of The Wall is to share your experiences of harassment anonymously and show others that they do not need to go through these events alone. That it's okay to speak up.

This can range from the minor to the serious and you can say as much or as little as you like. By sharing your story, you are supporting other colleagues, shining a light on the problems you face and empowering people in the maritime community to speak up.

To submit entries to the Wall simply use the “Share your Story” form.


Story #4

14 Feb 2021

My colleague who I work with regularly shouts at me and it is really upsetting. There is no reason why she keeps shouting and I don't know how to ask her to stop. I don't feel able to go to my manager to complain because I don't want to be seen as a snitch. 

Story #3

09 Feb 2021

My manager keeps touching me on my shoulder whenever he walks past. It makes me feel really uncomfortable because I don't like being touched or having my personal space invaded. I want to ask him to stop but don't know how to approach him, especially because he is my manager.

Story #2

08 Feb 2021

I recently started a new voyage and did not know anyone on the ship before joining. The rest of the crew all know each other and get on well, but they do not include me and I feel isolated. They also make jokes about me to my face when we are working. I don't like being picked on like this. They are rude about my ability to work and target me if I do something wrong - even if it is an innocent mistake. Lots of them make mistakes but they never call each other out, it is only me. I feel lonely and there is no one I can talk to. 

Story #1

01 Feb 2021

I am a man and my colleague made a sexual advance on me. It was so disempowering and made me feel so uncomfortable. I am scared to be around him now.

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