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We can compel change to create better conditions for the maritime industry!

Our mission is to create an online platform to support people in the maritime industry who experience difficulties at work. It is open to everyone in the industry: for people working offshore, in ports or in management, across the world. 


It can be difficult to understand what you're going through and speaking up is hard. However, workplace difficulties are never acceptable and must be tackled. SeaCode provides you with a safe space to share your stories, completely anonymously. The more people tell their stories, the better we can understand the problems and compel change.


In November 2020, Hafnia, Shell and BW LNG hosted the “Women in Maritime” competition to find digital solutions to help women in the maritime industry. The SheFarers Platform team in Turkey merged with a team from Shell to develop ‘SeaCode’, which was the winning idea.


SeaCode initially focused on helping women tackle harassment but the scope has expanded to include all genders and all workplace challenges because all these issues matter and should be addressed. 

SheFarers Platform in Turkey was established in 2019 and provides a voluntary mentorship program to women seafarers and the young generation in the Turkish and global maritime industry. 

Ivory simultaneously was on a mission to provide a voice to the voiceless across different industries and different geographies. 

Together, we can all work together to create change in the maritime industry.

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