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The transport and logistics industry has traditionally been dominated by the male gender - however a shift is underway. What has amazed me the most is that the few women who are working in the industry not necessarily support other women - many women have grown accustomed to the male vibe and instead of encouraging / mentoring other women they compete with them.


Lloydslist features Shanker Pillai, our key advisor and mentor, as one of the key people to watch out for in the Innovation and entrepreneurial space.

Shanker remarked "Thank you Lloyd's List for featuring me among some of the key maritime leaders and start-ups. The new special report on maritime entrepreneurs is a must read for anyone who has a corporate innovation agenda and for any start-ups looking to move into this industry"


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The SeaCode team and myself are delighted to have contributed to the second issue of the She of Change Magazine, produced by Sanjam Sahi Gupta and the incredible team at Maritime SheEO!

The magazine is full of accounts of inspirational people and their initiatives so definitely give it a read! As such, it was an honour for our story - how we came to being, our journey and our vision - to be placed within this publication. Thank you for this opportunity!

Access the publication here:

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