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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The adventures of Marco Polo, the journeys of Christopher Columbus, the voyages of Vasco de Game and the fictional Disney world of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Stories of the sea have always had a fascinating allure. Some have been glorious ones, some pretty challenging. Seacode is about bringing those stories to light and making the fascinating world at Sea a community that thrives.


I am writing this from the sea, before my ship docks at the port. I love the sea, but I will be leaving it for 4 months now. I am really worried that in the current times, if they will call me back and if I will have a long term job. The nature of a seafarers life is very unpredictable and its really really tough to go through life without stability. I hope there is improvement in the way our contracts work, so we can be assured of long term stability.


I am new to being in the industry and the sea. But I love it. The ability to be out in the open, do a job, and get good money for it is really a blessing. I wish the working environment was a little less stressful, there was a little less politics on the ships, and there were more women. But I am loving it so far, and want to keep doing it for maybe 3/4 more years.

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